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This contains information to aid the retailer as well as stories and anecdotes from the journeys of a flooring delivery driver and a travelling salesman. Moreover, we hope to provide a little technical information to better help you understand flooring accessories and their applications.

Underlay Longevity and Durability

Longevity and durability may be terms your customers are considering when thinking of their carpet purchase. As a flooring professional you can guide them to spend a little more money and increase the longevity of their carpet and underlay, thereby providing them with better value.

With PU and Rubber Underlays the greater the density the firmer the underlay and thereby the greater longevity and durability.

Our entry level Floorwise Initio often used in new build and rental properties is around 80 kg/m and very soft. The softness provides little support for the carpet, hence there is lots of movement as the carpet is walked on, thus causing the carpet to wear out prematurely. To increase the life of the carpet, it needs a firm underlay to minimise the movement of the pile.

Our premier quality Floorwise Supreme has a super high density of 145 kg/m giving it and your carpet longevity and durability. However, as it is 11mm thick it also provides a high comfort and luxurious feel to your carpet.

A firmer underlay type are those made from rubber crumb. These rubber crumb Underlays are made from recycled car tyres. They provide the maximum level of durability and longevity, unfortunately they do not provide a luxurious feel. Rubber crumb Underlays like the 6.75mm thick Floorwise Endura are often used to double stick carpet in hotels and other high traffic areas where maximum durability is required.

Lawrence Bryant

Underlay Comfort and Luxury

Every flooring shop I call on and every customer who comes to our trade counter buys and sells underlay. However, not all of them consider the benefits of comfort and luxury.

We supply underlays starting at 7mm thickness like Floorwise Initio and go all the way to the super thick and luxurious Floorwise Lush, a whopping 12mm thick. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the underlay the more luxurious feel it gives to the carpet. As you step on your carpet the underlay takes away the hardness of the sub-floor underneath, increasing comfort.

There is however a downside to thick soft underlays, the thicker the underlay the more chance the bottom of the doors will need to be trimmed so they clear the carpet. Also, the softer the underlay the more it moves, thus reducing the longevity of the carpet it is supporting.

Underlays can be made from different materials and they have different characteristics, PU underlays can be soft of firm depending on the density, Rubber underlays for underfloor heating tend to be fairly firm, felt underlays again are fairly firm and Rubber Crumb is extremely firm. The question you may ask is ‘why are so many of the underlay types firm?’, the answer is longevity of your carpet. My next post will cover longevity and durability.

Lawrence Bryant

You Can’t Catch Me

It all comes down to dirty tactics; I was driving along the A303 when a well know competitor’s van pulls alongside me.  The driver looks in, then goes in front, but stays close.  He then pulls into Fleet services, I didn’t think nothing of it, until… I see the van come straight out the services to follow me.  Well let the games begin, so I pull off at a random junction, go round the roundabout twice then pull into a cafe carpark.  The little van drives past, I spin my van round and pull out in the direction of the little van, only to see him turned around and coming back towards me, I give a nice wave and smile.  You been caught little van man, the face was a picture!

Steven Thomson


Here’s wishing all our customers a Happy Easter. We hope you have had some time off over the Bank Holiday and found a little sunshine.

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