F5 Floorwise Pro-Screed Featherex


Pro-Screed Feather is an ultra-fine, rapid setting, fast drying, high polymer, smoothing and patch repair compound. The unique formulation truly delivers a feather finish from 0 to 3mm, perfect for feathering and patching depressions, trowel marks, ridges, gouges and joints in subfloors, as well as smoothing over screw heads and joints between sheets of plywood. Pro-Screed Feather has outstanding adhesion properties and can be used without the need to prime.

  • Coverage: Approximately 45m2
  • Working time: Approx. 10 Minutes, depending on temperature, humidity and subfloor 
  • Container Size: 11kg Bag

Pro-Screed Feather Information Video


Minimum Thickness 0 mm
Maximum Thickness 3 mm
Working Time 10 Minutes
Mix Water
Brand Floorwise