Rewmar Rapid Primer is a fast drying, one part polyurethane based primer. It designed for use over all sand / cement screeds that are not under hydrostatic pressure and contain up to a maximum of 95% relative humidity. For use as an adherence primer apply one coat over porous / non porous & smooth surfaces. For use as a moisture barrier apply two or three coats in cross layers, if the concrete moisture is below 95% RH.

  • Drying time: 45 – 60 minutes per coat at 50% RH & 20˚C
  • Coverage:
    • 1 Coat 40m² (250g per m²)
    • 2 Coats 24m² (350g per m²)
    • 3 Coats 17m² (450g per m²)

Note: If the Concrete Moisture is over 75% RH and a liquid batten installation is performed then Rewmar Papid Primer must NOT be used.  Please use a 2 part epoxy DPM.


Brand Rewmar