Springbond 9mm Underlay



Give plastic bottles and other single-use plastics a new lease of life and look for green alternatives to everyday items. SpringBond® is made from recycled plastic bottles which is inherently flame resistant and contain no harmful VOCs, resulting in better air quality throughout the home. It is SpringBond® Underlays' myriad of benefits that makes it so popular:

  • Consumers love that it is sustainable, free of all chemicals, low VOC and of course the fact that it is high performance, durable and  comfortable
  • Retailers have a product to sell that has a story behind it and can provide solutions for the ever more demanding and environmentally aware consumer
  • Fitters choose it because it is light, dust free, chemical free and easy to cut
  • Thickness: 9mm

Introducing SpringBond Underlay Video


Underlay Type Felt
Impact Sound Reduction 41 dB
Thermal Insulation 2.3 TOG
Thickness 9 mm
Brand SpringBond