UltraFloor Suppress IT is a ready-to-use single-component rapid-drying moisture suppressant primer membrane. It is water-based and solvent-free and must be applied in two coats. This type of product is commonly used in commercial and residential construction projects where moisture mitigation is essential to protect the integrity of the flooring system. It provides a reliable solution to address moisture issues in subfloors or concrete slabs by suppressing residual construction moisture, allowing for the successful and timely installation of various floor coverings.

  • Water-based, solvent-free formulation
  • Single component
  • Up to 95% RH protection
  • Removes the need to prime
  • Coverage: approx 16.5m² based on two coats
  • Resealable bottle, eliminating waste
  • Pigmented orange for coverage control
  • NBS Source registered for ease of specification


Brand Ultra Floor