Tredaire King Underlay


A specialist low-tog underlays from Tredaire brings a warm, glowing feeling to any floor. Tredaire King has a low tog rating, which allows the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. It conducts more heat than other underlays, making it an ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating, bringing greater heating efficiency and the potential to reduce heating bills. Interfloor’s unique manufacturing techniques allow the production of underlays with higher thermal conductivity and, hence, lower thermal resistance than normal whilst retaining the essential qualities of underfoot comfort and protection.  Tredaire King is a perfect carpet underlay for houses with underfloor heating.


Underlay Type Rubber Sponge
Impact Sound Reduction 42 dB
Thermal Insulation 0.8 TOG
Thickness 8.3 mm
Brand Tredaire