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Evolution Laminate
EVOLUTION laminate wood flooring gives you durability, style and elegance as well as great value. Employing cutting edge design and manufacturing processes, EVOLUTION mimics all the characteristics of real wood, without the maintenance and price tag.
  • Panel - 1380mm x 193mm x 8mm
  • Box - 8 panels/ 2.131sqm
  • V4 - Micro Bevelled on all 4 edges
  • Authentic Surface - All decors feature EVOLUTION registered embossing, mimicking grain of the wood for added authenticity
  • AC4 Commercial 32 (heavy domestic/moderate commercial use)
  • Antistatic - suitable for office use.
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Flame resistance - Cfl-s1 & Cigarette burn resistant
  • Eco Rating - E1 / HCHO , EVOLUTION is produced from natural sustainable raw materials
  • Underfloor Heating Compatibility - EVOLUTION is tested and approved
Stirling Oak Laminate

Utilising the EVOLUTION signature chrome grain feature, STIRLING OAK (EV2804) adds a contemporary cutting edge to this beautiful weathered oak.

Stirling Oak

Stirling Oak Medium Laminate

STIRLING OAK MEDIUM (EV2805) is the perfect contrast of tradition and the new. The EVOLUTION chrome grain accents this classic mid oak to add tremendous depth and richness.

Stirling Oak Medium

Waveless Oak White Laminate

Elegant, timeless and refined. WAVELESS OAK WHITE (EV2873) is designed to mimic prime grade oak, without the price tag. For those who like less knots and more of a uniform appearance to their floor.

Waveless Oak White

Route Des Vins Fonce Laminate

Evoking imagery of the cellars of Bordeaux and Burgundy, ROUTE DES VINS FONCE (EV2905) is at the cutting edge of design. Perfectly suited to shabby chic decors.

Route Des Vins Fonce

Route Des Vins Clair Laminate

Evoking imagery of the cellars of Bordeaux and Burgundy, ROUTE DES VINS CLAIR (EV2949) is at the cutting edge of design. Perfectly suited to shabby chic decors.

Route Des Vins Clair

Waveless Oak Nature Laminate

For those who prefer a more clinical and uniform appearance, WAVELESS OAK NATURE (EV3004) mimics all the characteristics of a prime grade timber floor, without the price tag.

Waveless Oak Nature

Tuscany Walnut Laminate

From the sun soaked rolling hills of Cortona and Pienza, TUSCANY WALNUT (EV3070) depicts all the wonderful gnarled and twisted attributes of this beautiful species to produce a floor full of character.

Tuscany Walnut

Stirling Oak Pure Laminate

EVOLUTION chrome grain accents this wonderfully rich rustic STIRLING OAK PURE (EV3071) to produce a floor that contrasts old and the new, and is chockfull of expression.

Stirling Oak Pure

Waveless Oak Dark Laminate

Featuring rich chocolate tones and elegant "prime grade" textures, WAVELESS OAK DARK (EV3072) is a timeless classic. Perfectly suited to any decor.

Waveless Oak Dark

Akzent Beech Laminate

Sophisticated and airy, AKZENT BEECH (EV4161) is a popular choice for those who are looking for subtle textures without compromising on character.

Akzent Beech

Prestige Oak Dark Laminate

Featuring rich coffee tones and all the rugged textures associated with this classic dark rustic oak. Loaded with authentic knots, burrs and twisted grain, PRESTIGE OAK DARK (EV4168) practically comes alive.

Prestige Oak Dark

Prestige Oak Light Laminate

A true classic. Vibrant biscuit tones and gnarled rustic textures mean PRESTIGE OAK LIGHT (EV4169) bursts with character. A floor to compliment any decor.

Prestige Oak Light

Nostalgie Teak Laminate

From the tropical forests of South East Asia, NOSTALGIE TEAK (EV4170) brings the exotic into your home. Beautiful, tortured grain and striking deep red tones make this floor a real statement.

Nostalgie Teak

Nostalgie Teak Graphite Laminate

Strikingly modern, NOSTALGIE TEAK GRAPHITE (EV4171) takes all the exotic nature of Teak and catapults it into the contemporary. Liquorice hues and charred textures combine to create a truly expressive floor.

Nostalgie Teak Graphite


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