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We carry a range of different sizes and thicknesses, of Flooring Grade WBP Ply and Oil Tempered Hardboard.

Flooring Grade Ply
Hanson Ply SP101

Hanson SP101 Ply

6mm Hanson SP101 Premium flooring grade ply. Developed specifically for the purpose of flooring underlay and fully tested & approved to the necessary industry standards and requirements. Hanson Plywood Ltd have been working with TFT Woodexperts Ltd to identify the specific qualities required for a product that will comply in every aspect to the CFA guidance note and thus provide the assurance of product now being demanded within the flooring industry. Hanson SP101 Technical Specification.

WBP Flooring Grade Ply


3.6mm and 5.4mm WBP Flooring grade ply. Suitable for preparing a sub floor before fitting of carpet, sheet vinyl or vinyl design tile such as Polyfloor, Camaro, Cavalio, Karndean or Amtico.

Oil Tempered Hardboard

Oil Tempered Hardboard

Oil Tempered Hardboard is impregnated with special oil which is polymerised by heat treatment during the manufacturing process. This treatment gives the board increased moisture resistance properties and higher bending strength values. Suitable for preparing a sub floor before fitting of carpet or sheet vinyl.


Salesmark West is a Floorwise Member and exclusive distributor operating in the South and South West of the United Kingdom. Founded and headed up by Lawrence Bryant, who has a family history in the Carpet & Flooring industry, with both his father and grandfather owning several Carpet Shops and a Flooring Wholesale Company.
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